"Quick Beat Save is as strange and beguiling as it is charming and unique. You may have heard something like it before but its deft weaves of classical and contemporary, past and present, analog and digital, accessible and baffling makes it stand out even within the canon of avant-gardening that has taken place on the fringes of popular music in the last 50 years. And even though it has some obvious hooks and beats, the real reward is in discovering  more and more of its warm embedded textures, intricate layering and hidden depths with each successive play. Some music is for the quick hit, and there is a lot to be had here from first impressions but Quick Beat Save is definitely about the long game too." - Dave Franklin, The Swindonian, UK

Debut Album

Quick Beat Save is the first project by Buildings and Food

Quick Beat Save

Buildings and Food

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Jen K. Wilson, aka Buildings and Food,  is a Canadian electronic music artist living in East York.  This is her first solo album.  Quick Beat Save is a collection of mostly instrumental tracks with a modicum of vocals, recorded and produced at The Music Room, the home studio she shares with her husband and 10 year-old son.

Trained in classical piano and visual arts, Jen is influenced by progressive house, glitch, pop and incidental film music.  Her perfect musical dinner party would include Elizabeth Cotten, The Ocean Party, Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, John Fahey, A.C. Newman, Basia Bulat, Mark Mothersbaugh, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, Julie Doiron, Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan, Stephen Malkmus, Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford, Belle and Sebastian, and Jimmy Tamborello, and wouldn't include any dinner at all actually, just snacks.

Quick Beat Save is now available on Bandcamp, CDBaby and iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, and other streaming sites worldwide. 

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"[Slow to Reverse] has this plodding electronic from the get-go, shifting and moving before Wilson’s voice comes in over another layer of electronics. Personally, I like the delivery, almost as if the words were dropped into thin air emphatically. It’s all highlighted, too, by some exceptional cymbal work that builds in some extra artistry. People always reference tunes that entrance them, and this is precisely what I envision."  - Austin Town Hall

"'1979: Pennies and Pluto’ bears a title no less intriguing than the music entailed herein. Several associations immediately come to mind, including Broadcast, Stereolab and Mahogany....The new single, just as ‘Slow to Reverse’, the single before this, is a brilliant reflection of the internal workings of an indie pop aficionado with a vision towards a positive musical construction."  - The Record Stache 

“An independent avant pop artist, whose music emanates endearing Stereolabesque charm… she whets our appetite with charismatic synth minimalism. The song flows with a laid-back ease, running on gently muffled and murmured vocals, yet also sparkles with brighter, peppy instrumentation. Easily Ladytron can be mentioned, as well as Lali Puna, Vive La Fête and Tying Tiffany” Big Takeover Magazine 

"Most tracks on ‘Quick Beat Save’ are electronic instrumentals (and damn good ones). However, Jen K. Wilson (Buildings and Food) gets to demonstrates her abilities as a singer-songwriter on such cuts as “1979: Pennies and Pluto”, a great pop song with loads of quirkiness. "
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